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Virtualbox setup on MAC OS
I was able to setup Virtual Box on my MAC. And also installed Oracle XE successfully. I followed th ...

Posted On 18/10/2014 at 01:36 AM
A simple Java program to connect to LDAP
Follow this link

Posted On 11/10/2014 at 05:29 PM
Liferay textarea width
Its easy to control the width and height of Liferay aui textbox. Simply by styling- .aui textarea ...

Posted On 06/10/2014 at 10:33 PM
SVN commit using Versions for Mac
I have a mac and had to commit a folder to SVN. After exploring I found Versions which is a useful t ...

Posted On 06/10/2014 at 07:19 PM
Morning Raga
Raga Bhairav: - a morning raga sung between 4am to 7 am. - IInd and VIth note are flatted i.e., Re a ...

Posted On 06/10/2014 at 01:50 AM